Original title: Bad news! Liu Shiwen retires from the World Cup and Chen Meng substitutes, the two and one sisters of Guoping basically withdrew from the front line


On September 29, Beijing time, according to the latest list of entries on the ITTF official website, national table tennis player Liu Shiwen withdrew from the 2020 Women's World Cup. Prior to this, Liu Shiwen also announced her withdrawal from the 2020 ITTF finals. In addition to her withdrawal at the Qatar Open at the beginning of the year and the National Table Tennis Olympics simulation tournament, Liu Shiwen has already withdrawn from 4 table tennis competitions this year. This makes this fascinating Guoping first sister caught in the whirlpool of injuries and can hardly extricate herself, because so far Liu Shiwen and Guoping have not given the reason for Liu Shiwen's retirement and the exact time when she can return to the stadium.

北京时间9月29日,根据国际乒联官方网站上的最新参赛名单,国家乒乓球运lol比赛下注动员刘诗雯退出了2020年女子世界杯。在此lol比赛竞猜用什么app之前,刘诗雯还宣布退出2020 ITTF决赛。除了今年初在卡塔尔公开赛lol比赛下注和全国乒乓球模拟奥运会上退出比赛外,刘诗雯今年已经退出了四场乒乓球比赛。这使这位迷人的国平姐姐陷入了漩涡,lol比赛竞猜用什么app几乎无法自拔,因为到目前为止,刘世文lol比赛竞猜用什么app和国平还没有给出刘世文退休的原因以及她可以返回体育场的确切时间。

Coincidentally, Ding Ning and Liu Shiwen, another sister of Guoping, formed a relative echo. Ding Ning and Liu Shiwen are the two oldest and most honored veterans in women's table tennis. Although they have not suffered from injuries like Liu Shiwen, Ding Ning has not returned to the team and trained in the national table tennis team since he announced his retirement from the Olympic simulation tournament in August. In the World Cup, the finals announced by the ITTF and the National Table Tennis Championships that will start on October 1st, there is no Ding Ning name.


Therefore, some fans said that the last thing they wanted to see finally happened, that is, Liu Shiwen and Ding Ning, the two national table tennis sisters, may gradually withdraw from the national table tennis front line. Both they and the previous Zhang Yining, Wang Nan and others will be successful. On the day of retirement, this is the cruelty and helplessness of competitive sports. Players have to face it and fans have to accept it.




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