According to a report from "Sky Sports", Mata praised Rashford's contribution to promoting free school meals in an interview, and said that doing charity will not affect their football career. Rashford has done this. well.


Mata said: "We, as players, have a very broad platform. We should know what kind of information we can deliver and how many people we can help. These are very important."


"I am proud of Rashford. On the court, his ability and performance are obvious to all; off the court, what he did is also worthy of our praise."


Rashford recently promoted the free school meal plan, moving the government to provide free school meals to poor students to solve the problem of food and clothing for poor students. And Mata was also keen on charity. He helped launch the "Common Goal" project, which encouraged players and coaches to donate at least 1% of their salaries to foundations around the world for charity.


Mata said: "Of course, as a player, it is very important for us to focus on our profession. Training, playing games, adjusting our state... But this does not affect us having other time to do other things, and amateur things are not at all. It will affect our own work." "I heard many people say that the master should focus on football, but I don't agree with this statement. He can take care of two things. I am proud of him and he deserves praise."

马塔说:“当然,作为一名球员,专注于我们的职业非常重要。训练,玩游戏,调整我们的状态……但这并不影响我们有更多时间做其他事情,业lol比赛竞猜用什么app余一切都没有。它将影响我们的工作。” “我听到很多人说大师应该专注于足球,但是我lol比赛下注不同意这种说法。他可以照顾两件事。我为他感到骄傲,他值得称赞。”

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