lol比赛下注-热刺还有一人要买 报价700万 列维对穆帅够意思


   Tottenham Hotspur may have another signing this summer, the goal is the British crown Swansea team defender Joey-Rodden.


   The transfer deadline for EFL (British Championship and below leagues) is Friday night, and before this deadline, Premier League teams can still buy people from EFL teams. Tottenham's goal is Swansea defender Rodden, offer 7 million pounds, but has been rejected by Swansea.


   The 22-year-old Rodden has played 49 times for Swansea and made his debut for the Welsh team last year. According to reports, Swansea asked him as high as 18 million pounds, but Spurs obviously did not want to pay so much. According to Mourinho’s plan, he still needs a central defender, but because of the limited options, he plans to find a central defender from the British Championship team to scratch the lottery ticket at a low price. If the price is too high, Tottenham would rather stay on hold.


Since this summer, Tottenham have strengthened a number of positions in accordance with Mourinho’s plan. The full backs have come to Dougherty and Reggie Long, the midfielder has introduced Hoibel, the center has been replaced by Vinicius, Wei also got the big coffee Bell. It seems that Mourinho also hopes to further strengthen the position of the central defender, and Tottenhamlol比赛下注’s offer to Rodden seems to be Levi’s wish to satisfy Mourinho.

自今年夏天以来,托特纳姆热刺按照穆里尼奥的计划加强了许多职位。全力支持Dougherty和Reggie Long,中场引进了Hoibel,中锋被Vinicius取代,Wei还得到了大咖啡贝尔。看来穆里尼奥也希望进一步加强中央后卫的位置,而托特纳姆热刺向罗登的报价似乎是里维希望让穆里尼奥满意的愿望。



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