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   As everyone knows, the Timberwolves did not participate in the NBA rematch, they have started the team training camp. However, one person left the training camp to celebrate his girlfriend's birthday, and he was Downs. His new girlfriend is Jordyn Woods, who has just passed his 23rd birthday. Downs gave a bunch of gifts: bags, jerseys, shoes, yacht parties...

众所周知,森林狼没有参加NBA复赛,他们已经开始了球队训练营。但是,有一个人离开训练营来庆祝女友的生日,他就是唐斯。他的新女友是刚刚过23岁生日的乔丹·伍兹(Jordyn Woods)。唐纳斯送了一堆礼物:包,运动衫,鞋子,游艇派对……

   Downs posted pictures on his personal ins and wrote: Happy birthday, my queen. This is also the first time he officially announced this relationship. As early as August 2019, it was reported that the two were dating, but the parties were very low-key and never published a group photo on social media. By this summer, the two were photographed on a date in a restaurant in Malibu, and they had a real relationship.


   Who is Jordyn Woods? Beauty, fitness blogger, has 11 million fans on ins, and is also Kylie Jenner's best friend. Jordyn Woods was infected by the Kardashian family and has a soft spot for NBA players. She is Booker's ex-girlfriend, and she has also dated Harden. Everyone knows it, so there is no need for the leader to explain.

谁是乔丹·伍兹?健身博客作者Beauty拥有1,100万粉丝,也是Kylie Jenner的最好朋友。乔丁·伍兹(Jordyn Woods)被卡戴珊家族(Kardashian)感染,对NBA球员情有独钟。她是布克的前女友,还与哈登约会。每个人都知道,所以领导者不需要解释。

   Everyone knows that Downs, Booker and Simmons are good brothers. Jordyn Woods had a relationship with Booker for a period of time in 2018, and started to be together with Downs in 2019. Coupled with Booker and Jenna greening Simmons, it is really not easy to figure out their relationship. It seems that the relationship between the three brothers will not last long.

每个人都知道唐斯,布克和西蒙斯是好兄弟。乔丹·伍兹(Jordyn Woods)在2018年与布克(Booker)建立了一段关系,并于2019年开始与唐斯(Downs)在一起。再加上布克(Booker)和珍娜(Jenna)绿化西蒙斯(Simons),弄清他们之间的关系确实不容易。看来三兄弟之间的关系不会持续太久。

   Jordyn Woods was not well-known at first. Many people knew her because of Kardashian’s little sister Kylie Jenner. The Kardashian family treats her very well, and Carey has used her resources many times to help her sell beauty products. However, Jordyn Woods betrayed the Kardashian family, also because of an NBA player.

乔丹·伍兹(Jordyn Woods)起初并不知名。许多人认识她,是因为卡戴珊的妹妹凯莉·詹娜(Kylie Jenner)。卡戴珊(Kardashian)家人对待她非常好,凯瑞(Carey)多次使用她的资源来帮助她销售美容产品。然而,乔丹·伍兹(Jordyn Woods)也因为拥有NBA球员而出卖了卡戴珊(Kardashianlol比赛下注)一家。

   In February 2019, Jordyn Woods met Tristan Thompson at a party and later became the target of TT's cheating. This kind of scandal cannot be tolerated by the Kardashian family. We have always green others. How can we accept others to green ourselves? Jordyn Woods responded on the show, she just kissed TT and did nothing else.

2019年2月,乔丹·伍兹在一次聚会lol比赛竞猜用什么app上遇到了特里斯坦·汤普森,后来成为TT作弊的目标。卡戴珊家族无法容忍这种丑闻。我们总是绿色别人。我们怎样才能接受别人来绿化自己?乔丹·伍兹(Jordyn Woods)在节目中回应,她只是亲吻了TT,却什么也没做。

   Of course Kohler doesn’t believe it, can she not know what his own man is? Two people simply pull hands and kiss, do you think this is a middle school student's love? Kohler publicly bombarded Jordyn Woods on social media: "Why are you lying? If you want to restore your public image, you should apologize to me first! No need to argue, you are the one who destroyed our family!"


   My best friend and brother-in-law are getting together, Kylie can’t accept this reality, and her friendship with Jordyn Woods has also come to an end. Regardless of Jordyn Woods's young age, he is definitely someone who has experienced big winds and waves, I hope Downs can resist it. Everyone said, where is her charm? Dating with so many NBA stars!

我最好的朋友和brother子聚在一起,凯莉(Kylie)无法接受这个现实,她与乔丹·伍兹(Jordyn Woods)的友谊也结束了。无论Jordyn Woods的年龄如何,他绝对是经历过风风雨雨的人,我希望唐斯能抵抗它。大家都说她的魅力在哪里?和很多NBA球星约会!

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