Last night in the Super League match, Shandong Luneng once again encountered a controversial penalty. They fell behind by two goals in the first half to equalize the score with two penalty kicks. At the end of stoppage time, Fellaini scored with a header, but referee Ai Kun signaled that the goal was invalid because Fellaini made a push during the take-off, and referee Ai Kun did not cancel his penalty after listening to VAR. In addition, the ball hit the arm in the restricted area of ​​Renhang before, which obviously changed the trajectory of the ball, and the referee did not express it. Therefore, Luneng and the fans were very dissatisfied after the game.

昨晚在中超联赛中,山东鲁能再次遭遇有争议的点球。他们在上半场落后两个进球,以两个罚球扳平比分。在补时阶段结束时,费莱尼(Fellaini)得分得分,但裁判艾昆(Ai Kun)表示目标无效,因为费莱尼(Fellaini)在起飞过程中进行了推挤,裁判艾昆(Ai Kun)在听了VAR后没有取消处罚。另外,球在之前的仁杭禁区击中了手臂,这显然改变了球的轨迹,裁判没有表示。因此,比赛后鲁能和球迷们非常不满意。

Among them, Shandong media "" commented. In addition to restoring Ai Kun’s controversial penalties, it also stated that Fellaini’s last-minute goal was blown out as a “blatant missed and wrong judgment”, which is really impressive. There is nothing to say, the Luneng team once again lost to the referee familiarly.


The "Tianjin Daily" talked about Fellaini's final goal being blown. The slow motion shows that this penalty is questionable. Although the referee made a good penalty most of the time, it blows Fellaini's lore. And Ren Hang handball results but warned Luneng bench, such a penalty is to cause an uproar.


Many people have picked up Ai Kun's information. His registration place is North Sports University, the highest domestic sports school, but he is from Qingdao, Shandong. This situation makes the fans even more angry. At the same time, Ai Kun had also been given a yellow card to Duan Liuyu in the middle of a penalty sentence. This wrong sentence was also remembered by many Luneng fans. What I didn't expect was that even in the 5-8 slot game that didn't seem to be particularly important, Shandong Luneng also encountered Ai Kun's controversial penalty.


Previously, the Football Association said that the referee should make a fair and impartial penalty, but this time Ai Kun and VAR referee Zhang Lei were obviously a little lax when the Fellaini lore was blown away, because the players defending Fellaini did not lose. Not to mention being pushed down, it's just that there was a physical collision between the two. In this case, the goal was blown off. It is no wonder that Luneng, including the media, could not understand it.


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