Tiger Fight, October 10 News Recently, Lee Grant talked about the performance of the club's goalkeepers in an official interview with Manchester United.

Tiger Fight,10月10日新闻最近,李·格兰特(Lee Grant)在对曼联的官方采访中谈到了俱乐部门将的表现。

When talking about Dean Henderson, he said: "The ability to focus is very important. We like to control the ball, and of course we like to control the opponent, so the goalkeeper is not always in the focus of the game."

在谈到Dean Henderson时,他说:“聚焦的能力非常重要。我们喜欢控制球,当然我们也喜欢控制对手,因此守门员并不总是处于比赛重点。”

"But Dean has performed well in many situations, so you must always be prepared."


"Of course, it's not just him, but the young Nathan Bisop performed very well in training. All the boys will show you this performance."

“当然,不仅是他,而且年轻的内森·比索普(Nathan Bisop)在训练中也表lol比赛下注现出色。所有男孩都会向你展示这种表现。”

"Also, De Gea came back with a high level of posture, so I am happy for him and his performance at the beginning of the season. In short, our goalkeeper position is really good."


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