lol比赛竞猜用什么app|2场4球!3场3球!葡萄牙年轻一代崛起 他们接过C罗的枪


If nothing else, the European Cup will be held from June to July next year, and the "golden explorer" Portugal will also embark on a journey to defend the title. If Portugal 4 years ago was dominated by veterans like Cristiano Ronaldo, Pepe, and Quaresma, then the rising young generation can now take over the banner of the president.

如果没有其他事情,欧洲杯将在明年6月至7月举行,“黄金探险家”葡萄牙也将踏上捍卫冠军的旅程。如果4年前的葡萄牙由克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo),佩佩(Pepe)和夸雷斯马(Quaresma)等退伍军人统治,那么崛起的年轻一代现在可以接任总统的旗帜。

Today’s Portuguese national team has a reasonable structure of three generations of old, middle-aged and young players. C Ronaldo, Pepe, Fonte and other veterans are old and strong. Mesozoic Bernardo Silva and Bruno Fernández have become dual-core existences, while the younger generation Felix and others have also emerged.

今天的葡萄牙国家队拥有合理的结构,可以分为三代老,中年和年轻球员。 C·罗纳尔多,佩佩,丰泰和其他退伍军人老而坚强。中生代贝尔纳多·席尔瓦(Bernardo Silva)和布鲁诺·费尔南德斯(BrunoFernández)已成为双核心存在,而年轻一代的费利克斯(Felix)和其他人也已经出现。

The past week has been a sweet week for Atletico’s striker Felix. The 20-year-old Portuguese supernova scored twice in the Champions League against Salzburg and La Liga against Osasuna. , Scored 4 goals in the past 2 games! "New Ronaldo" seems to be fulfilling his talent step by step.

上周对于马竞前锋费利克斯lol比赛竞猜用什么app来说是甜蜜的一周。这位20岁的葡萄牙超新星在对阵萨尔茨堡的欧洲冠军联赛和对阵奥萨苏纳的西甲联赛中两次得分。 ,在过去2场比赛中攻入4球! “新罗纳尔​​多”似乎正在逐步发挥自己的才能。

Felix joined Atletico from Benfica last summer, when his transfer fee reached a shocking 127 million euros, setting a record for the value of a Portuguese player. In his first season with the Sheets, Felix only scored 9 goals in all competitions. Such performance was disappointing. Many fans questioned that Atletico had lost money. However, this season, Felix has scored 5 goals in 6 starts, and his performance on the field has become more and more executed, as if he has become the representative of another generation of young forwards after Aguero and Torres.

费利克斯去年夏天从本菲卡加盟马竞,当时他的转会费达到了惊人的1.27亿欧元,创造了葡萄牙球员身价的最高纪录。 Felix在Sheets的第一个赛季中,在所有比赛中仅攻入9球。这样的表现令人失望。许多球迷质疑马竞赔了钱。然而,本赛季,费利克斯在6场比赛中攻入5球,他在场上的表现越来越出色,似乎他已经成为继阿奎罗和托雷斯之后的年轻一代前锋的代表。

The Portuguese players who have performed bravely in the past week also include Liverpool’s new aid Jota. Jota, who joined this summer and is worth 44.7 million euros, has scored goals on behalf of Liverpool in the last three games. The English media is already talking about the 23-year-old former Wolves attacker Whether it should win a starter in Liverpool's formation, this is a great praise, you must know that the Red Arrows in the front court of the Red Army have long been famous in Europe, and now Ruota's performance is not lost to any of them.


Of course, there are still many young Portuguese players who are growing. According to statistics from the German Transfer Market Network, there are not a few Portuguese U21 players who are worth a lot of money, except for Felix (80 million euros), which is worth 30 million euros. Trincon, Leon with 28 million euros, Fabio Silva with 25 million euros, and Florentino with 18 million euros all have a bright future. This group of players can fully support the future of Portugal. ten years.

当然,仍有许多年轻的葡萄牙球员在成长。根据德国转会市场网络的统计,除了费利克斯(8000万欧元)(3000万欧元)外,很少有葡萄牙U21球员身价很高。 Trincon,拥有2800万欧元的莱昂,拥有2500万欧元的Fabio Silva和拥有1800万欧元的Florentino都拥有光明的未来。这些玩家可以完全支持葡萄牙的未来。十年。

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