On the afternoon of October 10, Beijing time, the Japan Vocational Federation started the 21st round of competition, and the Kobe Victory Ship challenged Kashiwa Sun God away. In the first half, Cypress Helios took the lead with three goals. Soon after the opening of the second half, Bai Helios scored another goal to extend the score to 4-0. Subsequently, Jun Tanaka, who came off the bench, also scored twice. Iniesta scored at the end of the game and the team pulled three goals in a row. In the end, Kobe Victory Ship defeated Kashiwa Sun God 3:4.

北京时间10月10日下午,日本职业联合会开始了第21轮比赛,神户胜利船挑战了柏太阳神。上半年,赛普拉斯赫利俄斯(Helus Helios)领lol比赛下注先三球。下半场开始后不久,Bai Helios进球了另一个进球,将比分扩大到4-0。随后,替lol比赛竞猜用什么app补登场的田lol比赛下注中淳也得分两次。伊涅斯塔(Iniesta)在比赛结束时进了球,球队连续三个进球。最后,神户胜利舰以3:4击败了柏阳太阳神。

It is worth mentioning that after a shot at the last moment, Iniesta also scored three consecutive league games and directly participated in scoring five consecutive games, receiving a total of 3 goals and 4 assists.


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