"Sandro is inferior to Arnold by a tenth. The cross is passed to the stands, and Juventus is not dealt with on the left side. This kind of person starts, the Juventus full-back is the worst in the five leagues. It really hurts to look at me."


"Luke Shaw directly defended Olier into Alves. Manchester United, the left-back, is the worst in the Premier League."


Many fans can't understand why I recognize Sandro and Luke Shaw so much. This is normal. Because full-backs generally "show their faces" are nothing more than running and passing, many fans coincidentally use these two attributes as their criteria.

许多粉丝不明白为什么我这么认识Sandro和Luke Shaw。这个是正常的。由于后卫通常“露脸”只不过是奔跑和传球,因此许多球迷巧合地将这两个属性用作他们的标准。

But as I said before, "showing his face", "showing up" and ability are two different things. For example, when Pirlo "shows his face", it is his free kick and long pass behind him, but his core value to the team is to control the rhythm. , Grooming the line, protecting the two points. The full-back is a real role player and a supporting role on the court. Therefore, no matter how well you do your job as a full-back, you can't break the constraints and limitations of your position. You will never be able to get to the top of the class. "The best minister" is never a "jun".

但是正如我之前所说,“露面”,“露面”和能力是两回事。例如,当皮尔洛“露面”时,这是他的任意球和身后的长传,但他对球队的核心价值是控制节奏。 ,修饰线,保护两点。后卫是真正的角色扮演者,也是球场上的辅助角色。因此,无论您作为后卫的表现如何,都无法打破职位的限制和局限。您将永远无法达到一流的水平。 “最好的部长”绝不是“君”。

The best courtier is the king, and the best employee is the boss. This principle is the same as Zhongwei. "The best defense is offense", why? Because the defense itself is bound by the characteristics of "passive", you have to take the initiative to create more impossibility for your opponents if you want to be on a high level.

最好的朝臣是国王,最好的员工是老板。这个原理与中卫相同。 “最好的防御是进攻”,为什么呢?因为防御本身受“被动”特征的束缚,所以如果想保持较高水平,就必须主动为对手创造更多的可能性。

For example, Liverpool was killed in a tragedy yesterday, but which ball do you say is related to Van Dijk? Looks like there is none. But I keep saying that it is not advisable to dig out details, look at the camera, and look at the data. Van Dijk’s problem does not lie in the occasional distractions. This situation is normal for a top player or even a person with flesh and blood.


You might say, "Van Dijk has turned into Liverpool's defense as a hostage," but Liverpool, who was missing a Mane and pressed his undead opponent, was scored 2:7 every minute. Even if you put aside the score, is it a good phenomenon for the opponent to counter-attack and fly again and again?


To say this is not to belittle Van Dijk, he includes his teammate Robertson. What I want to express is that they are all very, very good. Everyone knows how good they are. You don’t need to go into details, but they are just

可以说这并不是贬低Van Dijk,他包括他的队友Robertson。我要表达的是,它们都是非常非常好的。每个人都知道他们有多好。您无需详细说明,但它们只是

Back to the topic itself. In terms of attributes, role players generally contribute to running and footwork; in terms of space, generally on the wing, the term "full-back" has already clarified some things: attributes of non-core areas, non-core areas position. So, as far as the full-back is concerned, you want to be up-grade, break the constraints, and be able to get closer or even enter the core area to do things. Football is playing scores. The key to scores is to win or lose the goal. The area directly affected is in the goal, and the goal is in the middle and at both ends, so this is called




Take the midfielder who dominates the ball technology under output pressure and ensures the normal operation of the team under high pressure as an example:


●The lowest level of being unable to handle the ball under pressure. Below the pressure level, Eriksson is a typical, real hit


●Those who can protect under pressure without losing the ball are of relatively higher grade, such as Wijnaldum, which I personally admire very much;


●Being able to steadily get rid of pressure and guarantee the quality of follow-up processing, this is the undisputed top level, Modric, Silva and others are very typical;


●In the face of pressure, they basically ignore the pressure and can directly counter-pressure to attack. This is the strongest midfielder, such as Milinkovic, Pogba, Iniesta, including Silva. (The latter two have limited bodies, but their technical consciousness is too superior).

●面对压力,他们基本上不理会压力,可以直接反压攻击。这是最强的中场,例如米林科维奇,波格巴,伊涅斯塔,包括席尔瓦。 (后两个机构的身体有限,但是他们的技术意识太强了)。

●The strongest central defender is always the one who can actively attack the opponent's forward.


●Pogba can directly engage the opponent's central defender, combining his back and frontal attack, which is called breaking the limitations of the midfield (personal ability or hardware level) and having frontcourt functions, so he is the undisputed number one today Midfielder (not all-round)

●Pogba可以直接与对手的中后卫交锋,将他的背部和正面攻击相结合,这被称为打破中场的局限性(个人能力或硬件水平)并具有前场功能,因此他是当今无可争议的第一中场(并非全部) -回合)

● Alfonso's winger is placed in the back, which is also called breaking the restraint and having the frontcourt function, so he is undoubtedly the first left back today;


●You can also think about the limited level of Alfonso's wingers, but with the conditions of Mbappe and Mane, if they are willing to play as full-backs and adapt to their positions, the actual effect will be terrifying.


● Both Luke Shaw and Sandro have the physique of the central defender. At the same time, they have the ability to retract and release the action, which is the requirement of the middle player. As for the side job, one of the two has impact and control, and the other can push forward steadily. This value is compared with a pass, which is the best grade? Which is the attribute of scarce resources? Which is the attribute of the team leader? Don’t you see, how hard Rashford struggled with Luke Shaw’s absence.

●卢克·肖和桑德罗都具有中后卫的体格。同时,他们具有收回和释放动作的能力,这是中级玩家的要求。至于副业,两者中的一个具有影响力和控制力,另一个可以稳步推进。将此值与通过率进行比较,哪一种是最高成绩?资源稀缺的原因是什么?团队负责人的属性是什么?您没有看到,拉什福德在卢克·肖(Luke Shaw)缺席的情况下艰难地挣扎。

●For another example, once Maicon, you can say that his peak is short and therefore his historical status is not high. You can also say that his peak is short and therefore the comprehensive level is limited. Everyone has different perspectives, which is normal. But why does Maicon's theory of peak ability feel so terrifying? Very simple,


Take the NBA as an analogy. Conventional excellent full-backs are no different from top 3D. Compared with the core or team promoters, they are of a different grade. The top 3D shooter and James, who has not developed a projection, are not even qualified for comparison. In addition, competitive sports have their own commonalities, so don't talk about what is different from basketball.


Of course, you can also leverage:


●In this way, everyone will play in the middle and the frontcourt. Who still plays in the side and backcourt? The fact is that the sides and backcourt are the candidates to be eliminated, and the strongest star is not here;


●There are too many side superstars, what are you talking about? however


●Everyone should be the facilitator, can you win? Please continue if you like Kong.


All of this, in the final analysis, is nothing more than a few keywords:


Dare to be contemptuous, respectful and short-cited. I hope everyone at station D will teach me how to watch the game.


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